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  1. FUTURE FICTIONS - short fiction film made with virtual reality, showing the use and implications of future technologies. 
  2. STRATEGIC COMMUNICATION - discussion paper on the use of social cycle theories for understanding target audiences and devising strategic messages.
  3. EVER-PRESENT TECHNOLOGY - the implications of smartphones and easy searchability for society and human behaviour.
  4. PEOPLE IN 2040 - adapting personnel and training policies for the future world of artificial intelligence, everyday spaceflight and hybrid warfare.
  5. TERRORIST FINANCE - novel techniques for tracing financial networks and assessing the financial strength of terrorist entities.
  6. POLITICAL INSTABILITY - using the theory of critical systems to provide early warning of protest, civil disobedience, riot and revolution.
  7. HUMANITARIAN LOGISTICS - software tool for assessing the requirements for water, food, shelter, sanitation etc. in various kinds of humanitarian operation.
  8. REMOTE POLLING - determining the attitudes and mood of a population by means other than direct opinion polling.
  9. ARABIC SEMANTIC ANALYSIS - software tool for automatically determining the topic of a piece of Arabic text and referring suspicious communications for human analysis.
  10. CONSPIRACY THEORIES - understanding the appeal of conspiracy theories in order to counteract them using their own methods.
  11. TRAINING EFFECTIVENESS - improving collective training by replacing a pass/fail approach with one based on continuous challenge and improvement.
  12. CYBER ATTACKS - extracting a sociological fingerprint from computer attacks in order to distinguish lone hackers from hostile government agencies and attribute responsibility.